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Studio Hiatus

Brandon Pittam Photography is currently closed for new clients. All past and current clients have no worries as your images are securely backed up and the memories are preserved. The studio would like to thank its clients for the respect and loyalty over the past 7-years.

Brandon Pittam Photography is an award winning portrait & wedding photography studio based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. the studio specialize in newborn portraits & family portraits, as well as wedding photography. We also photograph corporate portraits, fashion & High School Senior portraits. Our photography style is primarily photo-journalistic (freestyle), & we believe that our style of is the key to top-quality storytelling. We serve Bucks County, Philadelphia & many surrounding areas.

award winning portrait studio & wedding photography studio based in Warrington

Brandon Pittam Photography is striving to create a new tradition & trend for local High School Seniors in Bucks County with “non-tradition” Graduation Portraits. The typical cap & gown portraits that many local high schools offer they students are becoming out-dated. We are creating new modernized senior portraits to be more personal & to show more personality of the High School senior. Our studio slogan is “no cap & gowns allowed”. Currently, the studio is gearing up for the 2013 High School Year with great promotions & products that many other photographers do not offer. For more information about senior graduation pictures, please contact the studio & ask how they can change a boring cap & gown portrait to something exciting & personal.

| Goal : Become one of the Top Family Portrait Studios in PA |

Why choose Brandon Pittam Photography for your Portrait Studio?

With so many photographers available in your area, you might be asking yourself, “Why should we choose Brandon Pittam Photography as our photographer for your family portraits or wedding?” The answer is quite simple. At Brandon Pittam Photography, we focus on three things; our clients, our services, & our product.

We treat each portrait session or wedding as a unique experience to create memories for you & your family that can last forever. We want you, as our client, to know that we are completely dedicated to spend as much time necessary to capture those perfect images & memories. We will work with each member of your family to bring out their best qualities & to make them look their best.

we treat each portrait session as a unique experience

Finally, our products are what we pride ourselves on. The Studio uses the top of the line photography equipment to capture the clearest & most vivid images possible. We also use professional computer programs for editing & retouching, & we are constantly striving to educate ourselves with new techniques to make your images truly unique. When it comes to the final products that our clients purchase, we do not settle for 1-hour photo processing services, we send our digital files to a dedicated company strictly for Professional Photographers to guarantee the highest quality & service.

The choice is truly yours; but know that at Brandon Pittam Photography, we will not stop until you are thrilled with your photos!

| Goal : Become a Certified Special needs Children Photographer |



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